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Minecraft Skyblock Server Rules!
Hi I am zachary13 i am the server manager of skyblock here are the follwing rules: [Image: smile.png]

1  No Scamming For real Life Money/ranks

2   No Hacking On Skyblock Unless Stated Otherwise

3   No staff/player disrespect we are here To Help You Not Be Be Disrespected

4   No Advertising!/Giving people diffrent IP addreses To Other Peoples Servers
5   Do not island farm!/When you sell overpowered farms to diffrent player all the time
6  Do not /nick abuse! /going is as youtuber and trying to do a trade with them
7   Don't use Inappropriate Skins or create inappropriate Builds!/You know What It means
8  Use Common Sense/No threating To DDOS OR DOX OR Crash The server
9 Have Fun

IF you know Any more Rules Or someone has Broken these rules Contact Me on

lolteam@unisonnetworks.nn.pe  or

Pm Me in game

Thanks For Reading

The Staff Team

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